A redesign of the popular Jameson Irish Whiskey. This new look keeps in mind the history and origins of the popular whiskey with a modern twist. A secondary component of a campaign series accompany this rebrand. The campaign ads focus on simplicity and showcase some of Ireland's well known wordsmiths.

Branding + Illustration

The focus of this project was to create a pair of posters to promote concerts at the West End Cultural Centre. The following posters promote renowned local artists, William Prince and Begonia. Each poster reflect the mood and genre of each artist. William Prince is a folk musician and Begonia is a pop vocalist.

Typesetting + Illustration

The focus of this project was to design a poster for the Type Directors Club 2019 Ascenders Exhibition. Using the letter 'B' as the focal point in an abstract manner. Taking inspiration from the infamous New York Times crossword puzzle, this poster ties to a sense of familiarity to catch interest of passersby.

Typesetting + Concept

Beer can label illustrated for S.Y.C Brewery in Edmonton AB. Made for an Irish stout, the imagery is a slight reference to the myth of St.Patrick banishing snakes from the small island.


Gimli Film Festival is Manitoba's largest film festival in Manitoba. Held annually in the small beach town Gimli, it shocases a wide array of films. This rebrand focuses on the craft of filmmaking by distilling it down to its abract parts. A manipulation of light, colour and shapes in motion.

Branding + Typesetting

Rooster Town is a non-fiction book which documents a Métis settlement community. At the outskirts of the city, Rooster Town grew without city services as they built their own houses and maintaining Métis culture as a central part of their lives. This simple approach takes on a somber tone to reflect the story of hardship and survival.

Typesetting + Illustration